Where to get laid?

We all want to make love and feel special. We all want that one night stand that will raise our confidence and make our night wild.

Truthfully there is no secret for anyone to know when visits Athens. There is no magical touch or a pickup line that you can say to someone just to meet him or get him to bed.

The only thing that I can tell you for sure is that Greece has the friendliest people around the world. All nights are just parts of continuous wild parties. If you want to meet someone just talk. There isn’t a special place or a special move. Greeks are very polite and friendly that will speak to strangers.

Classic moves

Let’s say you are in a club and you like a lady/a man. Why don’t you buy him or her a drink? This is a classic move that even the locals do to start a conversation. Once she or he gets the drink raise your glass and wave to her/him. Then slowly approach her/him and introduce yourself. Ask her/him about her name. This will put a fire and start the conversation.

Places with atmosphere

Now the best places to meet someone is where the party is at its best. Try bouzoukia. Live singers and quality music combined with food and a lot of alcohol will guarantee a night to remember. Greek music is the number 1 party music for locals, elevating their mood and making the meeting of one of them a sure bet. Many Greek songs talk about passion and love so alcohol and music is a lethal combination.

Techno clubs are pick-up points

If you don’t like Greek music then you can try visiting a techno club. +Soda is one of the most famous techno clubs in Greece. Alcohol is poured and people are dancing all night long. This is the ideal spot for youth students and people under 30.

You can even meet a person in the streets. In Greece it is just that simple. All people are friendly and will talk to you back. Just be yourself, socialize and you will explore a new world in front of your eyes.

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  1. I am traveling in few weeks!!! I will be back to comment on my trip to see if it is true of all the things you said!


    Cool Cat

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